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Just like a ‘Whip-Round’ collecting coins into a ‘Biscuit-Tin’ to buy a friend or colleague a gift, this is exactly the same concept, but you are donating into an online ‘BizKit-Tin’ aimed at building up an independent funding source designed to help Lone Inventors to get their projects off the ground when they do not meet the lending criteria required by any conventional funding sources!

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Make a donation NOW into BizKit-Tin, and help somebody get their idea off the ground! BizKit-Tin just might be the only funding source able to help YOU one day too?

BizKit-Tin is open-ended with no fixed goal amounts, and the initial target of only £15,000 merely reflects a typical amount needed by any individual Inventor, although amounts can vary from as little as £500 to well over £30,000, so the more we can raise – the more people we can help.

NOTE; If the ‘Raised’ amount ever exceeds the ‘Goal’, please do not assume that the fund no longer needs support!


Well you, the ‘Crowd’ are donating into the ‘Core Fund’ to start the ball rolling so to speak, and projects apply for funding from that core fund in exchange for Equity, and just like any conventional Investor the core fund will then receive dividends from those investments back into the core fund. This essentially means your initial donation grows exponentially over time and continually gets recycled into more and more projects.

When the BizKit-Tin Platform is launched you will also be able to support specific projects of your choice directly, but again, you will only be making ‘Donations’ and not ‘Investments’ into any projects. Any dividends from equity in those projects goes directly back into the core fund to help it grow. This is merely a means of allowing you to select for yourself which projects receive the funding, and how much they get.


As a result of Covid-19 Lone Inventors need your support as no other support schemes or initiatives exist to help them ride out this pandemic! And by the very nature of ‘IP & TM’ their projects are often in a pre-launch stage and still in development, or maybe they’ve only just launched their products but they have not taken off yet, and so they have no track record to claim against, so they cannot qualify for any of the government Covid response schemes currently available.

Here is a typical Project from a Lone Inventor;  Click here to view the site  

(NOTE; Click here  to buy, as the Firefly was recently launched in Jan 2020!)

·         Lone Inventors usually work on their projects in their own time, so there is no history of a wage to claim or furlough against.

·         They may not have started their businesses yet, or they may have just launched it, so there is no trading history to claim Bounce Back Loans against.

And yet, the investment into their project development and their IP & TM Protection in readiness for launch can represent an astronomical cost both in time and money to themselves in relative terms when compared to an established company.

Their projects and futures are equally just a valid and important to protect and maintain as the local Self-Employed Plumber or the Local Corner Shop, and yet they are always left to fend for themselves?

Funding is needed immediately, as deadlines fall all year through for one Inventor or another, and although the IPO has declared ‘Interrupted Days’, where IP can be extended whilst they are unable to process the deadlines, those interrupted days will end on July 29th 2020, so funding will be needed imminently by some Inventors with just a few weeks from now. And having invested so much of their own resources and putting their hearts and souls into their projects, your help will be a life saver to them, as it is often said that Inventions can be like their Offspring to many Inventors, they are so invested into them.

What We’re About


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic many Inventors will now be facing losing their Patents and Trademarks, along with many years of time, money and effort, as due to the very nature of Intellectual Property (IP) and Trademarks (TM) they will usually fall outside the goalposts to qualify for any Government Initiatives for help. But you, ‘The Crowd’ can help them!

As an ‘Emergency Response’ to Covid-19 we at u-Reka Club (In development) have opened up our BizKit-Tin ‘Core Fund’ early, so that you can help them to keep their Patents and Trademarks alive throughout this pandemic. And we have also set up this external support page too, where other like-minded crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe can also help to support our emergency IP campaign. Remember, Inventors create the ideas that can go on to create JOBS for others, so they are needed!

If 1,000,000 people for example, were to donate just £1 it would instantly create a new Emergency IP Funding Source of £1,000,000 that can go on to help protect many Inventors and Entrepreneurs from losing their Patent and Trademark Rights in this uncertain period, helping them to ride it out?

This is a negligible impact on everyone making such a donation, but collectively it can make all the difference between losing years of hard work and huge expense for so many Inventors.


‘BizKit-Tin’ is an innovative new crowdfunding platform from u-Reka Club with its own integral ‘Core Fund’, that aims to grow into an independent new funding source for Lone Inventors in the absence of any official alternatives. Specifically targeting patent and trademark fees to help them to maintain their IP & TM’s during the pandemic period. But once the pandemic passes, its primary purpose and priority is to help inventors transition from prototypes to full production quality products, by helping to finance their initial tooling and first pilot production stock, with the aim of helping them to escape or avoid a crippling ‘Catch 22’ that sends so many Lone Inventors into the abyss. A ‘Catch 22’ that prevents them from qualifying for any funding support from conventional existing sources.


Since the economic collapse of 2008 even private equity investors now follow the banks in refusing to lend until a project can show actual orders for its products (Proof of Income). Buyers however CANNOT order off prototypes and so demand sight of actual production samples before being able to place any orders (Proof of Quality).

This creates the proverbial ‘Catch 22’ scenario because a project needs the funds <> to make the tooling – to get the production quality samples the buyer needs – to place the orders the bank demands – before providing the funds (Go back to <>). As you can see, once a project falls into this trap there is NO way out! A project simply dies! This is where BizKit-Tin aims to help.


Normally a donation into a project is a one-time donation, and if the project takes off it only benefits that one specific project. Or a project may alternatively bring in external investors in exchange for equity, and if successful those investors reap the rewards. But instead, the funding could come from our ‘BizKit-Tin Core Fund’. And soon, from within ‘u-Reka Club’, you will also be able to back specific projects directly when it launches, hopefully later this year.

Our view is that projects supported by BizKit-Tin receive their funds in exchange for an equity share just like an investor, but as those funds came from your donations, any future pay-outs should also then go back into the ‘Core Fund’ to help it grow further, essentially recycling your donation over and over into multiple projects! And the more projects it can support, the more the core fund can grow, and the more projects it can go on to help get off the ground over time, and so the cycle continues.


The brainchild of an Award Winning Inventor with over 30 years’ experience in Innovation and bringing new products to market alone, and with little support, BizKit-Tin forms part of u-Reka Club, which itself is filled with an array of tools to simplify the process of bringing new products to market for all!

With a strong belief in the Power of the Crowd! his passion is in bringing people together with the common goal of helping each other to succeed. Which, if properly organised, can be a major force for growth, not just of the individual, but of the entire global community!

The target amount for this campaign is deliberately kept low, as it is a more achievable target to reach, and reflects the amount needed by a typical inventor, but it is hoped that with your support it can be kept as a never ending campaign, where any excess funds will continually be added to the ‘Core Fund’ at, where they can be distributed to those projects in need.

BizKit-Tin is an integral part of u-Reka Club, which itself will be introducing other initiatives once launched, and u-Reka Club does normally take a 5% Admin Fee from all transactions that go through it.

Any excess funds not used in response to our Covid-19 IP Support Initiative, would then be distributed as originally intended to the individual projects as per the original objectives of the core fund.

Click here  to visit u-Reka Club, where you can find the new platform, but please note that it is still in development at this time and not accepting new logins yet. But please feel free to register, and your logins will be activated when the site officially launches.

Click here  to visit BizKit-Tin, where you can also make donations directly there too. Once u-Reka Club is launched you will then be able to access BizKit-Tin integrally and support specific projects directly from within a secure environment, which is via ‘NDA Login’ only, as the site will likely contain information about many new projects currently still in development and looking for support.

Click here  to go and sign our Petition to the Government to provide Lone Inventors with a life-line, to help them get through this pandemic too. Help us to achieve 100,000 signatures, as this then requires Government to discuss and address our needs in Parliament.

The best thing you can do beyond making your own donation here, is to help spread the word via your own Social Media and other outlets, and linking people back here, as time is of the essence for many of those this campaign is intended to help!


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