About Us – Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic many Inventors will now be facing losing their Patents along with many years of time, money and effort, as they fall outside of all Government Initiatives for help. And you, ‘The Crowd’ can help them!

As an ‘Emergency Response’ we have opened up BizKit-Tins ‘Core Fund’, so you can help keep their Patents alive throughout this pandemic.

If 1,000,000 people donated just £1 it would instantly create a new Funding Source of £1,000,000 that can help many Inventors and Entrepreneurs from losing their patent rights?

‘BizKit-Tin’ is an innovative new Crowdfunding Platform within u-Reka Club, where you will also be able to back specific projects directly.

The ‘Core’ Fund will only be used to help cover Patent and Trademark Fees during the Pandemic period, but will also help finance Tooling Costs once the Pandemic passes.

The brainchild of an Award Winning Inventor with over 30 years experience in Innovation and bringing new products to market with little support, u-Reka.club is filled with an array tools needed to simplify the process for all!

With a strong belief in the Power of the Crowd! his passion is in bringing people together with the common goal of helping each other succeed. Which, if properly organised, can be a major force for growth, not just of the individual, but of the entire global community!

We welcome your input, feedback and suggestions. And being a new concept, please remember there is no path, we carve our own.

If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions or proposals, please use our Contact Us page to help us to improve.